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District 9's Deb Peters

South Dakota is a GREAT place to live and raise a family. Deb saw an opportunity to put her high energy and attention to detail to work for her neighbors in District 9. She asked for their support and has been successfully serving her district in the state legislature. During her service, Deb has been a champion for responsible government, small businesses and education. Her conservative principles have helped as she has participated in keeping our state budget balanced, kept our tax burden lowest in the nation and led a nationwide effort to ensure a level playing field for Main Street businesses. Deb needs your support to continue serving in the South Dakota Legislature and ensuring our incredible South Dakota way of life continues for our children through fiscally sound decisions, promoting and investing our education system and taking care of our families. Learn more about Deb.


A Commitment from Deb

When you vote for me, you can be assured I will read bills, consider the pros and cons or unintended consequences and then decide if it is the best strategy for legislating an issue. My vote is my careful decision on the best way to proceed in legislating any issue important to District 9 and all South Dakotans. I don't buckle under pressure from the right or left, or from the executive branch, or from corporate interests. District 9 constituent interests have my full commitment.
I am asking for your support to continue working for District 9.

-- Deb




In Pierre, Deb will continue to champion --

Responsible spending

"My background as a Certified Public Accountant has given me a leg up overseeing the Appropriations and Government Audit and Operations Committee. The issues before these committees are the foundation of how our state government works."

Workforce Preparation

"Education and workforce development have to be our top priorities. If our schools fail and we don’t ensure that our youth become productive and skilled citizens that are employable, we all fail."

breaking down barriers

"Our everyday lives are impacted by decisions made in Pierre and Washington, DC. Not all of these 'answers' fit our local communities. My experience allows me to help identify areas that need greater efficiency and find solutions that cut through red tape."


Leveling the playing field

The summer of 2018 brought a landmark decision regarding the collection of sales tax from online businesses. The court case, known as South Dakota vs Wayfair, was based on a South Dakota law authored by Deb. Previously, online businesses had an unfair advantage by not collecting sales tax when they didn't have a physical presence in the state. This created an unfair advantage to South Dakota's Main Street businesses who are active and contributing community members. Deb recognized that the way consumers bought items had changed but the tax laws hadn't kept up. Since the U.S. Supreme Court sided with South Dakota, there is the opportunity to update the tax laws to reflect how consumers are shopping without penalizing the businesses that still populate our Main Streets.


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