Delivering for District 9

Protecting Financial Resources

Deb Peters is a fiscal conservative and uses her expertise as a Certified Public Accountant on her committees; Government Audit and Operations, and Appropriations. Deb has advocated for South Dakota on the national level, testifying before Congress on antiquated tax laws and the problem of regulation without representation.


Deb’s commitment keeps South Dakota financially sound:
   ° balancing the budget
   ° keeping taxes low, and;
   ° promoting fairness for businesses and individuals


Breaking Down Barriers

Deb Peters continues to help people find common sense answers to problems created by red tape. Her work helps makes everyday life easier with solutions including better emergency service for rural areas, delivery of lifesaving medication, and fairness for Main Street businesses.

Developing SD's Workforce

As a mother of two, Deb Peters understands how vital a foundation of quality education is for the success of every child. She has worked to get resources where they are needed most - supporting our teachers. In addition, Deb has promoted our technical and higher education schools ensuring opportunities for career development. Deb has and continues to focus on the future of every child, classroom and school district to provide necessary resources for quality education. During the 2016 legislative session, Deb helped create the accountability measures put in place to ensure the new education  dollars go directly to teacher salaries. Deb has been recognized as pro-public education by the South Dakota Educators Political Involvement Group.



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